About Us

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Terri Boote

Managing Director + Founder

Terri is the driving force behind our relentless push for client satisfaction and screening for top talent. Passionate about Virtual Assistants‘ culture of caring, she makes sure our clients and VAs have a great experience working with us. Downtime is spent enjoying Netflix.

Wendy Swart

PA to MD + Virtual Assistant

Armed with professional experience as an Admin Team Leader for a large medical organisation, in addition to her sunny disposition, Wendy’s leadership skills make her a great communicator! A VA all-rounder, Wendy can assist with anything from bookkeeping and database management, through to wrangling documents…

Betsie Charles

Bookkeeping - Virtual Assistant

Betsie is one of our number-lovers who’s familiar with almost every accounting & payroll programme on planet earth. Betsie absolutely loves deadlines! We can guarantee that if you’re looking for a VA to take control of your finance functions you’re in very capable hands!

Brigette Riddle

Legal HR Admin - Virtual Assistant

Deciphering legal jargon and wrangling wordy documents are some of Brigette’s professional strengths. Holding a Bachelor of Law, and with almost ten years in the field, Brigette is available to assist our clients with areas including general administration, HR, word processing, proofreading, and document drafting.

Claudia Parker

Admin + Social Media - Virtual Assistant

Claudia is a one-stop-shop for social media management. When this creative lady isn’t studying to finish her Marketing degree, she’s working hard on our clients’ social media pages to drive traffic, draw in new customers, explore your social analytics, and create enticing content that motivates…

Emily Thorn

Admin - Virtual Assistant

If you need a VA that can handle everything from your calendar and databases, through to providing sales and marketing assistance, Emily is the VA your dreams are made of! The tech-savvy queen of coordination and organisation, Emily will have things under control quickly!

Jessica Larsen

Executive - Virtual Assistant

Jessica is highly organised and competent with 10+ years’ as a Legal Secretary and Executive Assistant. She’s enjoying the move from the big city to working remotely (and amazed at how much you can get done without that commute).

Theresa Gouws

Executive - Virtual Assistant

Theresa is a highly experienced EA & customer service junkie, which makes her one of our most versatile all-rounders; offering her diverse range of professional expertise as a VA! Our clients are thrilled by Theresa’s high-energy, can-do attitude, and remark on her attention to detail.

Could this be you?

Virtual Assistant

We are a busy bunch, so are always on the hunt for talented business support specialists to join our team and help provide virtual assistance to our clients. If you have an arsenal of skills you want to share, we’d love to hear from you!

About Us

Virtual Assistants is a nationwide premium virtual assistance company. We help founders, creators and executives move their businesses forward by providing highly skilled assistants they can trust to take on administrative tasks.

We leverage your time to give your life back!

It is apparent that small business owners often need more than just administrative support, and they don’t have time to find someone to do their social media, to create an email marketing campaign, to keep their bookkeeping up to date or to have that personal assistant they desperately need to keep their office running smoothly.

Identifying reliable, trustworthy and competent help is one of the foremost challenges of running a successful business or project — and finding the right help is even more relevant when using remote resources. That is where Virtual Assistants can help you. We deliver personalised and customised virtual assistance packages tailored to suit your business needs.

We take the time to get to know your business well and recommend qualified team members to support your success. Virtual Assistants’ team of experienced, reliable and vetted professionals provides your business with support you can bank on.

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Check Out Our Story

Virtual Assistants was founded early in 2016. With our commitment to quality and reliability, we quickly found our client pool grew beyond our founder. Virtual Assistants took shape as we continued to add more and more professionals who shared the same values to the team — friendly, skilled, responsible, "can do" support, grounded in quality.

In listening to our clients’ pain points and concerns, we noted that assigning a team member who would get the job done was very often only 40% of what mattered to them. The remaining 60% was in HOW the tasks would get done and BY WHOM.

We all have our individual work styles and type of person we like to work with. These preferences matter a lot in building trust and long-term partnerships.

Terri Boote, our founder, has assembled an array of VAs with the versatility required to support business owners with complex and specialised requirements. Why should a client struggle to find a designer for a new brochure or a human resources advisor to help suggest improvements? With a diverse skill set and a constantly growing team, we’ve been able to assign team members both for ongoing tasks and to support clients on an ad-hoc basis when they have a particular need, or in cases where they suddenly need to scale up to respond to demand.

Virtual Assistants’ ability to provide highly personalised and tailored solutions and to match our clients with VAs who have the skills, interests and personalities to support businesses for the long term has been our greatest accomplishment. Our versatility has contributed to our rapid growth and our astonishingly high client and team retention rates.

From start to finish, our vision remains the same: our unequivocal passion for excellence, quality and care drives our decision making and is the foundation for how we’ve structured our business.

If you share our values and need help, then we would love you to experience what we are all about!