Question. What do a crowbar and a bottle opener have in common with admin work? No, it’s not a terrible Christmas cracker joke, it is a genuine question! I’ll admit on the face of it, these three things don’t seem at all related, but I promise they are all connected by one very important factor…Leverage! More specifically, time leverage.

Let me explain.

The 80/20 Rule

Have you heard of the 80/20 rule? It is a very popular concept in many fields. The basic premise is that you get 80% of your results from 20% of your activities.

A salesperson will make 80% of their sales from only 20% of their clients, an artist will generate 80% of their creative ‘X’ factor on 20% of their pieces, and 80% of small business revenue is made by 20% of small businesses.

Leverage Crowbar

So you obviously want to focus your energies to ensure you are included in that lucrative 20%…

But how???


To get in that 20% you need leverage. You need to be able to maximise your productivity and squeeze as much as you possibly can out of your efforts. That might mean devoting more resources, more time, more team members, more energy, or more effective systems.

If you are thinking ‘yeah, yeah that all sounds well and good, but how can you make the jump from the 80% to the 20%?’ Keep in mind that the less leverage you have, the harder it is to get to where you want to be. Sometimes it can feel impossible when you have a business taking up every waking minute, not to mention bills to pay, and an ever-expanding list of tasks to complete.

Enter that metaphoric crowbar…

What Does A Crowbar Have To Do With Time Leverage?

Of course, the secret to success does not lie with having a crowbar lurking in the corner of your office, the secret is what the crowbar represents. It represents a foot in the door, the beginning of your leverage.

Imagine for a moment that you have received a long-awaited parcel from overseas but it has come in a massive wooden crate. It is impossible to get into the crate with your bare hands, but with a little help from your crowbar, you can work the flat end between the joins of the wood and slowly prise the crate open using leverage (and a bit of wiggling). The further the crowbar goes into the crate, the more leverage you will have until finally the crate opens and you can reveal its contents.

Point being – By using a specific tool to help leverage, you can more easily reach a goal that might have been rather difficult otherwise.

The 80/20 Rule In Action

As mentioned, the 80/20 rule can be witnessed in all groups of society. That includes the small and medium business world. You might already be well aware that around 20% of your activities produce 80% of your success. But then there is the paperwork, phone calls, emails, correspondence, reporting and everything else that comes along with a business that prevents you from focusing on that 20%.

We get it! It can be so hard to unearth yourself from the pile of busy-work and be able to focus on what you REALLY need to do. The sheer weight of tasks to complete can bring you down and give you the feeling that it might be impossible to free yourself and get out of the downward spiral.

So Where Is Your Crowbar?

To break the trend of the downward spiral, you need to find your crowbar…

“YOO-HOOO…” I am your crowbar! Well, myself and my team of highly skilled Virtual Assistants… In fact, we like to take it one step further and refer to ourselves as your sparkly pink crowbar! Your fairy godmother, knight in shining armour – you get the idea.

We work our admin magic to help take some of the stress and worry off your plate; handling all that busy-work that is bogging you down and freeing up your time so you can get on with more important things. A Virtual Assistant can handle any administrative task that you can think of. Everything from invoicing, data entry, email management, report and presentation creation, e-newsletters, website maintenance, editing documents, right through to answering your phone calls and emails!

The initial step of letting go might be a little hard, but we promise you that in that first week you will start to see some changes in how you spend your time and what you are able to achieve. There should no longer be a pervasive feeling of overwhelm, and you might even get some things ticked off that task list you had marked ‘impossible’.

By offloading those time-consuming tasks, you have freed yourself up to focus on that 20%. After a while you will start to notice: your sales increase, your ‘work-life balance’ actually become balanced, and your stress fades away to oblivion. Shock, horror – you might even begin describing work as fun!

Leverage Creates… More Leverage!

Once you are focusing on the growth of your business, you can begin to set goals that you might have previously deemed impossible.

That initial step of grabbing your ‘crowbar’ is not an easy one to take. The simple fact that the 80/20 rule exists proves that 80% of businesses are not brave enough to do so. Unfortunately, those are the businesses that don’t see the results. They push and they push without ever seeing a growth in sales or an end to the pressure.

We want you to be in the 20% that pushes through to business success. If you think that we can help you on your journey, then we would love to chat with you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to discuss your time leverage.


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