How Virtual Assistants Inspire Freedom to Work While Travelling

April 28, 2019

The benefits of virtual assistants have allowed many business owners and entrepreneurs to further their business while travelling. Whether you are employing a virtual assistant or are seeking a career as one, the joy, adventure and opportunities abound when working from the road. Aside from the remote-friendly aspects of working as a virtual assistant, or hiring one; there is a freedom it can bring to work/life and the endless possibilities on the open road.

Working while travelling

Surprisingly, virtual assistants are actually quite affordable. However, you will get what you pay for. If you stick to a low budget, do not expect expert results. Here are some of the fantastic benefits when employing an assistant:

  • Find specialised assistance. It is very common for virtual assistants to offer niche services or specialise in one area. That way you can get expert help in your specific business no matter what industry you are working in.
  • Check off the to-do list while you sleep. Once you email the tasks, you can relax, explore, or take a nap as your assistant accomplishes the jobs.
  • Many services offer teams, which means you’ll never be out an assistant so you can keep your travelling schedule on track. As well, many services have team members that specialise in different skills. This way, you can outsource more and stress less.
  • Benefits/taxes are not required. You can also claim back the GST portion of the bill from your VA, making it simple, easy and less for you, as the boss, to have to deal with!

Now, after seeing the benefits of employing an assistant, it may seem like it can’t possibly be as enjoyable to pursue a career as one, but that is not the case. Working as a virtual assistant can be a very lucrative career and most definitely enjoyable as you will have the freedom to live on the road and travel as you wish. Here are some of the benefits of a virtual assistant career:

  • Cost of business start-up. To get started, you simply need a reliable laptop and phone. Make sure that you set aside a portion of income for taxes, but other than that you can typically get started with electronics you most likely already have. Which means you have more money to put into a campervan or home on wheels of your dreams.
  • Set your own rates. Typical hourly rates are $18-35/hour and depending on whether you are hired through a service or doing it on your own, you usually can set your own rates. Assess your skills/value and what type of budget your life on the road will need to help get an idea of rates you can reasonably charge.
  • Easily find jobs through services. Many services act as a matchmaker for employer and assistant. Working through a service can almost guarantee you will find a job. Upwork, LinkedIn, and Dream Home Based Work are excellent sources. Bonus-these sources are also remote so you can apply wherever your home on wheels is parked!
  • If you specialise in a specific area, not only will you be able to increase your income, it will also be easier for you to find jobs. For example, invoicing, social media, and research are all areas you can specialise in that are in high demand. These are also areas where fellow remote workers may need assisting so you could keep your career centred around travelling or the campervan life!

Regardless of the services you go through or the areas you specialise in, this career can keep you on the road, and that makes it a career option to be or to outsource worth considering!

Shelley Trupert – Outdoorsy
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