“We took on Virtual Assistants to essentially run our Association for us. They take care of the inbox, accounts in Xero, setting up payments to be made, managing our membership base, creating monthly e-newsletters and providing reporting on our key areas of business each month.

They have really made an effort to engage with all our members, sending out e-newsletters in MailChimp and keeping members all up to date with the latest in the industry. They support our members if they have any questions on administration and technology.

The Virtual Assistants team go as far as coming up with new ideas to bring new members into the association. The Directors are happy with the amount of communication and follow-up they get, and the level of service more than meets our expectations.

We would recommend Virtual Assistants to anyone who is ready to start working on their business instead of in it. Removing the mundane tasks to work on what really matters — moving your business or association forwards.”