Viv d'Or Law

“I highly recommend Virtual Assistants. They saved me from drowning in over 400 paper client files. I was incapable of setting up a paperless office myself, so on the recommendation of another lawyer, I hired Terri to do this for me. She was wonderful — nothing was too much trouble. She trained me in the new system, was at the end of the phone when I forgot how to do something — within 3 days I was au fait with the system. It is working perfectly. My use of paper has reduced by 90%. My office is tidier than ever. And all files are accessible wherever I am in the world when I can access the Internet.

Here’s what Virtual Assistants accomplished:

  • Set up of Dropbox Pro on all devices
  • Set up a new laptop with 365 desktop, apps, browsers, external monitors and cabling
  • Realigned scanner with new laptop to scan straight into the Cloud
  • Migrated all documents to new laptop and upload to the cloud
  • Implemented a filing structure in Dropbox
  • Trained me on how to use the new computer system
  • Supported me throughout the process/changeover
  • Reduced monthly app and subscription costs by $100 per month
  • Scanned all files and assisted with filing them in Dropbox for me”