Behind Our Success


Lisa Nelson – Creative Concepts NZ Ltd

Managing Director

“I have engaged the services of Terri and her team at Virtual Assistants since I started my own business.

They have consistently given my company an outstanding level of service. They have provided me with Xero support and training and accounts advice to date and this has saved me so much time by enlisting in their help and support – what took them an hour or two to teach me would have taken me days to learn on my own.

I’m looking forward to working with Terri and her team a lot more to support me within other areas of my business.

VA are a fantastic, friendly, truly professional company to work with. I highly recommend their services!”


Ted Priest – Design Association of NZ Inc


“We took on Virtual Assistants to essentially run our Association for us. They take care of the inbox, accounts in Xero, setting up payments to be made, managing our membership base, creating monthly e-newsletters and providing reporting on our key areas of business each month.

They have really made an effort to engage with all our members, sending out e-newsletters in MailChimp and keeping members all up to date with the latest in the industry. They support our members if they have any questions on administration and technology.

The Virtual Assistants team go as far as coming up with new ideas to bring new members into the association. The Directors are happy with the amount of communication and follow-up they get, and the level of service more than meets our expectations.

We would recommend Virtual Assistants to anyone who is ready to start working on their business instead of in it. Removing the mundane tasks to work on what really matters — moving your business or association forwards.”


Gaylene Hughes – JDI Business Coaching Ltd

Business Development & Performance Coach

“Terri and her team are amazing. They're a fantastic resource to have access to on an ongoing basis and for those projects that have to be completed within a tight time-frame.

They have a professional approach to anything they do and offer suggestions to make content look and read better. I recommend them on a regular basis to my clients and use them myself.”


Viv d’Or – Viv d’Or Law Ltd


"I highly recommend Virtual Assistants. They saved me from drowning in over 400 paper client files. I was incapable of setting up a paperless office myself, so on the recommendation of another lawyer, I hired Terri to do this for me. She was wonderful — nothing was too much trouble. She trained me in the new system, was at the end of the phone when I forgot how to do something — within 3 days I was au fait with the system. It is working perfectly. My use of paper has reduced by 90%. My office is tidier than ever. And all files are accessible wherever I am in the world when I can access the Internet.

Here’s what Virtual Assistants accomplished:

  • Set up of Dropbox Pro on all devices
  • Set up a new laptop with 365 desktop, apps, browsers, external monitors and cabling
  • Realigned scanner with new laptop to scan straight into the Cloud
  • Migrated all documents to new laptop and upload to the cloud
  • Implemented a filing structure in Dropbox
  • Trained me on how to use the new computer system
  • Supported me throughout the process/changeover
  • Reduced monthly app and subscription costs by $100 per month
  • Scanned all files and assisted with filing them in Dropbox for me"

Cathy Sheppard – BSI People Skills

Director / Facilitator

“Terri and her team have done wonders for me — creating a customer relationship management (CRM) strategy and producing newsletters for me.

It’s so hard at times to juggle everything as a business owner, and they have been SO FABULOUS at dealing with whatever I’ve thrown at them, supporting me with those tasks I just didn’t have time to do and showing initiative too.

I really value their professionalism knowing what is required, and having the flexibility month by month is vital for the ongoing success of my business.”


Laurence Benson – Seasoned and Dressed

Managing Director

“At Seasoned & Dressed, we have been fortunate enough to have been introduced to Terri Boote and her (offsite) virtual assistance services in 2014.

We have been more than satisfied by her ability to understand a problem – whether geek technical or just advice as to how to deal with a Xero, MailChimp or even phone situation – and then to provide a solution very quickly and efficiently.

We totally trust Terri to work on our computers and systems – she corrects the problems and we can get on with what we’re good at!

Thank you Terri for being an integral part of our business.”


Amber Moore – Astute Property Group

Property Manager

“I first started working with Terri a year ago through a recommendation from a friend.
She has helped us move our emails and documents over to Google so we can now access our information from anywhere we are! It has completely changed how we do business and I wish we had done it sooner.

Terri made the process easy and pretty much stress-free. She is friendly, easy to deal with, great at getting back to you and makes things simple to understand. Thanks Terri!”


Catrina Bengree – Nourish ‘n Nurture


“Virtual Assistants have been performing a number of administrative tasks for me over the last couple of years. These include my regular monthly newsletter, updating my website with videos and content and helping me to purchase a new laptop.

They are extremely efficient, accurate and knowledgeable. Each task is always completed on time and to a high standard.

My VA is very professional and I am always very happy with the work she produces.”


Yvonne Morrison – The Business Boutique

Founder and Profit Coach

“As a one-woman business I know that in order to achieve, it is important to have the right team to support me. Terri and her team have been amazing.

The services provided free up my time to focus on growing my business. I have a weekly blog and a fortnightly newsletter. I simply write these in Word, and from there, my lovely VA takes over. She ensures that they ‘look great’, have the right images to go with them (no more endless searching!) and are scheduled on time through my newsletter software and onto my social media channels.

In addition, my VA supports me with social media management, scheduling Facebook posts and currently repinning via Pinterest. The quality of service and communication has been outstanding. It’s a bit cheesy but it’s so nice to have someone who values your work as much as they do their own.”


Karen Smart – NZ Home Loans

Business Owner

“Terri of Virtual Assistants is a virtual lifesaver!

Sorting out my monthly Xero coding and reconciling — it may be a small task for her team, but it greatly assists my business.

I would highly recommend Terri and her team, who are working in the background for my business, as they are friendly and efficient.”

Anne Kemp Wonderland Firm – PR & Social Media Consultant

Managing Director

“Working with Virtual Assistants was like finding a breath of fresh air.

They understood what I needed and were able to help me set up a new email for my business, using Google Apps For Work and the Gmail set-up, remotely. My VA is intuitive and well-educated on the “behind-the-scenes” that happens with our websites, and as a business owner herself, she understands where I am coming from.

The bonus is that they are lovely to work with. I can’t recommend using Virtual Assistants services enough.”