VA vs. Perm Staff

Years before I started managing Virtual Assistant companies, I remember thinking that outsourcing work was something only wealthy business people could afford to do. The usual route of advertising a job and hiring staff seemed ‘normal’ to me, which inadvertently left me thinking that anything else was a bit, well, ‘out there’ to be frank! (Little did I know at the time just how wrong I would be proven to be!)

Speaking to a considerable number of business owners over the years, I discovered that many people held the same misinformed beliefs that I once had. They would tell me they’d love to use a Virtual Assistant, but couldn’t afford it, or that they were unsure of the benefits over hiring someone part-time, or just doing it themselves.

Although my job now involves demonstrating exactly how smart it is to use a VA for your business support and admin tasks (and we have hundreds of clients who get it!), I’m aware that many people still have questions. “Why should I consider using a VA service instead of hiring a permanent employee?”

For those of you on the fence about outsourcing work to a VA business, I’ve sat down and had a good think about how to illustrate using a VA service is the hassle-free, cost-effective solution you’ve been seeking. The following ‘versus’ table aims to answer all your burning questions!


[table id=1 /]


Now, please don’t get me wrong; there are some instances where a permanent staff member is absolutely the way to go! If you need someone in your office for a client-facing role, or to fill a highly specialised, niche position; by all means, hire away! But in many cases, small business owners are looking for a skilled assistant to leverage their time, to make all their admin busywork disappear, and to help them employ intelligent automation systems and more efficient processes into their business. In those situations, a Virtual Assistant can genuinely be the solution of their dreams!

If you think a Virtual Assistant might be precisely what you have been searching for, get in touch! Having a chat about your business requirements is a great, free way to confirm whether using a VA will help take your business to the next level.

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