Our Website Is Live!

Welcome to the website of Virtual Assistants.

For our very first blog post, I’d like to utilise it to say thanks. Thank you to everyone who has been involved in making this site come alive. Warren Sue for the web design, Lis Sowerbutts from DIY Publishing for the web development, Enisha Kilkelly for the photography and of course the beautiful and intelligent VAs – Candice, Erin, Cherylyn, Analese, Shelley, Victoria and our extended team (you know who you are). We’ve all pulled together to make a concept of Terri’s come to life and it’s been fun.

We’ve been providing business support services for 9 months now and have been so busy servicing our clients that our own website got put on the back burner. We’re here now and LOVING the site. We hope you are enjoying it too. If you have any questions please contact [email protected] and be sure to keep an eye on our blog for future interesting and fun things.

Virtual Assistants Team Cheers


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