Since their inception, Virtual Assistants have been a critical part of successful businesses strategies designed to drive growth and productivity via outsourcing. The modern Virtual Assistant has only become more essential as time has gone on – specifically in the last couple of years with the disruption to traditional life caused by the pandemic. With more and more of us having to (or choosing to) work remotely and communications technology becoming more advanced, ‘working from home’ is now a perfectly valid and accepted way to do business. Employers and clients alike have witnessed work being done with as much (and in some cases, more) efficiency as when we were all stationed in traditional office environments. 

That being said, businesses now have far more options when it comes to choosing a Virtual Assistant company. But how do you know which VA business is right for you? Every Virtual Assistant company will be different based on the unique skills their team members possess and the way they structure their service plans and contracts. 

So… What about us? Are WE the right Virtual Assistants for you? We have outlined some of the unique selling points of our VA business to help you decide! 


Rather than hiring staff as permanent employees, we enlist all our team members as independent contractors. Why? Because experience has taught us that people working as contractors are more engaged, responsive, and hardworking when their names and reputations are on the line.

Additionally, we live and breathe outsourcing, so using contractors for client work is a natural extension of this. You don’t pay for office equipment or dead time when your VA is taking an extra-long break or when they are chatting to a colleague, and neither do we! #smartbusiness.


VA businesses often offer a combination of casual hourly rates and service plans with a set number of hours you pay for each week/month. The more hours you commit to, the cheaper your hourly rate becomes. While we can see the merits of this system and do offer both casual rates and several great value service package options, we don’t lock our clients into anything! Yes! When you enlist us as your VA service of choice, you only pay for what you use. “How the heck does that work?” You might be asking.

Let’s say a client comes to us and wants help with social media management, bookkeeping, and blogging. We work out that this will be five hours per week, so they sign up for our excellent value for money five-hour per week plan. Our VA’s still track their time, so if that client only uses 4.5 hours of their five-hour plan, they only pay for 4.5 hours! If they only use 2.5 hours another week, they only pay for 2.5 hours.

If our client’s plan no longer suits their needs, we will switch them to another more suitable option; however, it’s nice to know that you’re not locked into paying for something that you’re not even using!


One HUGE benefit to using a VA company rather than a single VA contractor is that you have access to a whole team of experts. We set all of our clients up with ONE dedicated Virtual Assistant, with all communications coming from the same person. All the other VA services they might need are done by others in the team, but you only deal with your dedicated VA! The best part? There’s no extra cost for using multiple VA’s! 

Some other perks of having access to our broadly talented VA team include:

If a VA is sick or takes leave, we enlist another VA on the team as their back-up, so there is always someone on hand who can help out.

  • We have curated a well-developed network of external professionals that we can call on to complete a range of niche client work at great rates (Alternatively, we refer our clients to work directly with them!)
  • Employing VA specialists and generalists, including several degree-qualified contractors, means our team has a skill base so diverse; we can assist our clients with almost everything! (From legal and HR admin, through to event planning and web design!)
  • Being an extremely tech-savvy bunch here at Virtual Assistants, we can go above and beyond the call of duty to help our clients with IT-related issues, which is something we know not all VA businesses can say!

Identifying reliable, trustworthy, and competent help has always been one of the foremost challenges of running a successful business or project – and it’s even more relevant when using remote resources. Virtual Assistant’s team of experienced, reliable, and vetted professionals can provide your business with support you can bank on.

If you or someone you know is looking for a VA service, why not give our talented team here at Virtual Assistants ago? We aim to please and think our points of difference help us do just that!


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